2 Pilot Mountain Dogs

The Dogs of Pilot Mountain

In February 2013 Ronald Sheppard passed away, leaving his dogs to watch over the farm they had all loved. His house dog, Racehorse, passed away soon after, still pining for her owner. Two dogs found homes through a local shelter. The other 15 are now part of NESR and are looking for foster and forever homes.

The Vet estimates that Chad and Old Girl are about 8 years old. The others are probably 2 to 5 years old. (Except for the puppies who are about 7 weeks old.)

Here's an article from the Mt Airy News about the dogs.

Buddy is very shy and needs some encouragement to walk on a leash.
Chad was the dominant male on farm; he is the oldest male. He will walk reluctantly on leash when encouraged.
Dolly is the mother to puppies. She is the most shy and doesn't like the leash at all. She can chew through a leash in seconds flat. But it turns out she really likes cheese..
Goldy is still very shy. Foster homes will have to be patient.
Guilford is not as shy as the majority of the dogs.
HappyJack's leg had been injured by a lawnmower and never properly treated. As his name suggests, he's a happy, outgoing boy and making the transition to a three legged dog very successfully.

Here's a short video of Happy Jack with his very first toy!
Linda is very shy and shuts down easily. (but she isn't under the chair with Goldy so that's a start!)
Lucy was the last dog to be caught. She's catching up quickly..
Sweet, beautiful Old-Girl (is my bias for senior dogs showing?) was very sad at first
But what a difference a couple days (and some cheese) make
Maybe people aren't so bad after all!

All these dogs have the same potential!
This is Ronald, he's still very shy.
Shep has not been on out a leash yet. He was badly hurt defending the farm from a neighbor dog and is still recovering.
Wade is social, calm, and willing to walk on leash.
This is Surry!

The puppies had mange but have been fully treated. They are going to go spend a couple weeks with a lovely well socialized English Shepherd "Aunt" who will show them humans are actually pretty wonderful!
Airy is the biggest of the puppies (and the only girl)
Pilot! He's the smallest but he makes up for that with lots of puppy attitude.

There is more information about the Pilot Mountain Dogs plus adoption and foster forms on the NESR wesite

And here are a few more pictures of the Pilot Mountain dogs