At the end of December, 2008 more than 180 dogs were seized in a raid in Yellowstone County, Montana. Nine months later those dogs are finally free to go to their new homes. Many were adopted by the wonderful volunteers who worked so hard to help the dogs have a better life. Others were adopted by folks in Montana. But ultimately it is hard to place over 200 dogs (there were puppies born after the raid) in 2 months, especially when many of them are still extremely shy and scared of people. The dogs have found new homes across the country. On Wednesday the ninth of September 24 of themwere loaded onto a retired school bus to head for new homes in the east.
Here is our route:
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And here are some pictures from the trip.
The bus get's a final once over before we hit the road. 7:30am mountain time. All 24 dogs are loaded and we're ready to roll.
This is the view from the emergency exit looking toward the front of the bus.
And this is the view back toward the emergency exit.
Some dogs take it all in stride. Ozzy has a lot to learn about the world but he's a pretty average goofy half grown puppy
Some dogs are less than thrilled. Keeper is still uncertain how he feels people.
There were some non-English Shepherds involved in this rescue mission. Pepper is a Lab mix born in January.
During the ride, dogs who enjoy hanging out with people get some sofa time. This is Suzy who was pretty stressed the first day but totally relaxed the second.
Dogs on the bottom row of crates mostly see legs walking by so we take time on the floor to talk with them.
It got a little loud at dinner time. Rick came prepared!
Welcome to Minnesota!
All the dogs got long lovely walks in the morning. It was a great way to start the day.
And it's the start of day two!
Some dogs really take to Sofa Time!
Dakota was less certain about Sofa Time. She started her time out of her crate on top of the luggage on the bench seat across from the futon. Pretty soon she was sitting up, looking around, taking it all in. By the end of a half an hour she was on the sofa resting comofrtably by my feet. Dakota is currently in a foster hom working on trusting people more but she's going to make someone a great buddy.
Day Four started out at Brandywine Farm in western Pennsylvania. All dogs got long walks on leash and some got time in a "drop leash " area ( a securely fenced area where these dogs can play without a human attached to the end of their leashes. They still are dragging 15 leads and there's a human nearby keeping an eye on things but it's the most freedom these guys can handle at this time.)
Nancy and Blue out walking on one of the many paths mowed through the beautiful fields.

Check out Heather's blog for more pictures and details of our stay at Brandywine Farm