Bonnie is now and forever Bonnie and a bonny pup she is too. She was the first pup born in her litter and arrived with her right front leg severly deformed. It hasn't slowed her down at all. She is very dramatic looking and has become the Caledonia Mission poster dog.
Bonnie at 4 weeks of age

At 4 weeks of age Bonnie was learning to walk. She relied heavily on her bad leg which frequently let her down. But she was a very persistant little thing.
Bonnie at 4 months of age

At 4 months Bonnie had stopped using her bad leg for anything more than digging. She was an accomplished digger too (still is!). She could clear the yard fence nearly as well as her dad and was as fast as a 4 legged dog.
Bonnie at 8 months of age

Bonnie is maturing into a wonderful dog. She is athletic, graceful, cuddly, and very beautiful.