Caledonia Mission
"C" Litter

Born 28 February & March 1st, 2003


More pictures and info about the parents

The pups are 4 weeks old today and got to go outside for the first time. I would have liked to have had them outside sooner but the weather has not been cooperating. Today was very windy and a storm was coming, but the temperatures were mild and the yard was about as dry as it was going to get. I set up an x pen out in the yard and put the puppies out there so I could really clean the kitchen (aka the puppy room). Then I took up the xpen and let the pups explore.

Cassidy out in the tall grass
Charlotte checking things out
Clarabelle on the left, Curran bopping a brother on the head
Collin sitting pretty...
... and exploring
Corbin looking right...
looking left...
... and checing out the camera
Two puppies checking out the tower of bowling balls (that's Collin on the left and I'm pretty sure that's Curran in front)
Charlotte trying to get back out of the puppy room
Cassidy trying to climb over the puppy tunnel (a ceramic water pipe in the puppy room)
Clarabelle coming through the puppy tunnel
Curran darting out to bite a puppy just out of camera range
The puppy tunnel is closed so Corbin can take a nap

finally..... new puppy pictures....

That's Cassidy in the upper left, Corbin at the bottom, and Curran letting is all hang out...
Charlotte in the center Charlotte, Clarabelle, and Cassidy
Clarabelle checking out dinnerConnall coming out of the puppy bed
Corbin and CurranCharlotte and Connall

older pictures below

The puppies at 17 days old. That's Corbin on his back with his feet in the air.

The pups's eyes are open, I've moved them from the bedroom closet to a large xpen'd area in the kitchen near the woodstove, and today (3/17) they had their first food that didn't come directly from mom. They are getting quite cute but I haven't gotten many good photos of them yet. Here are a couple...

Connal asleep

Collin, who is Mr. Adventure puppy and quite socialable, meets Bonnie through the x pen. Bonnie has been in with the puppies when they were smaller but this is the first time a pup has really taken notice of another dog.

Collin and Curran asleep
this picture shows the difference between the black and the not black. Corbin was the lone B&W pup when they were born but now he is Cally colored and Collin and Cassidy are more black.

more pictures soon!

Clarabelle ~ (bright, shining; beautiful)
Clarabelle at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Charlotte ~(strong & feminine)
Charlotte at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Cassidy at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Corbin ~ (the raven)
Corbin at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Collin ~ (strong)
Collin at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Conall ~ (mighty)
Conall at 1 day old ... ... and one week old
Curran ~ (heroic)
Curran at 1 day old ... ... and one week old