Caledonia Mission
"D" Litter

four girls, three boys

born 8 February, 2008

February 10, 2008March 7, 2008
Dreste Delight
Dark Diamond
Danny Boy

and some action shots....
(from February 23rd) Toasty checks out Dreste exploring the bed
Breakfast time - starting from 11 o'clock we have Dreste, Dante, Deirdre, Diamond, Danny, Donovan, and Daisy
A planter of oat grass introduces the puppies to nature (since everything outside is buried deep under the snow...)
Danny is outsmarted by a yogurt container
Dante tries to come to the rescue
After killing Tigger, Di teaches the yogurt container a lesson it won't soon forget....
Who are those handsome puppies???? Why won't they come play????
Tired puppies are good puppies...
Shady and her father, Quinn, escape the puppies