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"Found" (variously attributed to Walter Hunt (1861-1941), his brother Edgar Hunt (1876-1953), and Auguste Friedrich Albrecht Schenck (1828-1901)), also known as "Shepherd's Call", is probably one of the best known and loved prints of a collie dog. Collie people think it's a Collie, although the "Found" dog would be laughed out of the show ring (but then, so would Lassie). Sheltie people also recognize their beloved breed, as do Border Collie people and English Shepherd people. The "Found" dog isn't any of these breeds, or it is all of them; it comes from a time when the lines between breeds was much less distinct, when the name collie wasn't so much a breed as a type of shepherd dog.

I had this print as a kid, an abridged copy of "Bob Son of Battle", and and old English Shepherd named Lady. As a grown-up I found both the print and English Shepherds pretty hard to come by. Thanks to the internet I've found both, plus many people who also share a fond memory of "Found" and an interest in the old fashioned type collie dogs.

graphic of line with dog
Collies: Back to the Future

some old photos of collie dogs

one attempt to recreate old fashioned Collies

Welsh Collie in 1960 English Shepherd Information A comparison chart for Australian Shepherds, English Shepherds, and Border Collies