Quinn, Bonnie, Toasty, Cally, and Annie napping on the sofa
The Dogs
Caledonia Mission

The Caledonia pack walking in the woods
Quinn, Bonnie, Toasty, Cally, and Annie napping on the sofaA walk in the woods.

Because I do rescue I have a somewhat fluid number of dogs at my place. Any dog living here is my dog, no matter if it is a short term foster or a lifetime companion. They are all "my dogs" and I love them all.

Foxhill Caledonia Quinn

Quinn is 12 years old in this picture. He is a great and wonderful dog. He is my main dog, still the leader of the pack, and the dog by which I will forever judge all other dogs.

Meyer's Toast Ghost

Toasty is my sweet and gentle giant. He lives to be brushed and petted and fussed over. He is my doggie diplomat willing to tolerate a great deal from rude dogs and annoying puppies. He's 10 years old in this picture.

Caledonia Ragged-but-right

Cally is the enforcer. She knows all the rules and makes sure they are followed but she always uses just exactly the amount of force needed. She's 9 years old now but still in charge of everything. Cally would like me to point out that while she is matronly, having raised 15 children, she is very very fluffy.

Caledonia Bonnie "B" Good

Bonnie, aka Bonbon, Bonzo, and Bunny was born with a deformed leg, too much white (acccording to the breed standard), and an "attitude" about her rank in the pack. She's a natural omega, the very bottom of the pack however she's certain she's in charge. None of the other dogs take her seriously but she doesn't let reality get in her way. I suspect I have spoiled her terribly but she's just so cute. She's 8 years old now but does not think "older and wiser" applies to her.

Caledonia Cadillac

Cadd is my biggest dog, much bigger than an ES should be (85 pounds, 28 inches) but he's a lap dog at heart. He loves to tuck himself into the butterfly chair - something that shouldn't be possible but it's his favorite place to sleep.

Caledonia Annie Lennox

Annie is Quinn and Cally's great grand daughter and Toasty's granddaughter and she has all the good qualities of all of them. She is so smart and so sensitive and so devoted to me. She's a dream to live with.


Marty is Annie's half brother (and her uncle). He was rescued from a puppymill/hoarder situation in Montana in December 2008 and finally came to live with me in September 2009. He has many scars on is body and his psyche but he is learning to trust people again. This dog just has so much heart and soul... I am honored that he likes it here.


Tristan came to me as an NESR foster dog but he ended up staying. He was born in August 2005 but even as a 5 year old he's much higher energy than any of my other dogs. Keeping Tris happy and entertained is a full time job but he's such a love he's well worth it.


Keeper came from the same Montana case as Marty but he was just a half grown pup at the time the dogs were seized. He's about half the size of a normal small English Shepherd but he thinks he's a big dog. Since we don't know his actual birthday I decided it was the same day as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins - September 22 - since he's like a Halfling. Keeper really is a Hobbit of a dog - especially when it comes to food. Breakfast, second breakfast, Elevensies, Lunch, tea, dinner, supper - they are all good ideas as far as he's concerned. Keeper is pictured here with Scipio who thinks life was easier before Keeper arrived....

Marty (and Nellie Bly the cat) napping by the woodstove dogs in the woods looking for squirrels
Marty (and Nellie Bly the cat) napping by the woodstove Practicing for Squirrel Appreciation Day!
(you can see how small Keeper is in this picture, and like a Hobbit, how he blends in to the underbrush....)

graphic of line with dog