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If you pick up a modern Collie book the authors would have you believe that the Collie breed sprang fully formed, long of nose and full of coat, from the Scottish highlands. Collie snobs look down their noses at the old fashioned breeds and often imply that these dogs are modern mongrels created from crossings of the noble Collie with vastly inferior dogs.

Okay, that's a gross generalization, and it is unfairly applied to only Collie people. Many people who love their dog's breed like to think that that breed's history is special, that the pedigrees are older and more pure than lesser breeds, that the breed has come down through the ages improved yet unchanged (a challenging contradiction but still a cherished belief...). So, collie people aren't unique in this regard, but their beliefs overlap my own interests in ways a Golden Retriever or Pug person's fantasies wouldn't.

I began collecting old photographs of collie type dogs to try to show the historical variety of the type. And to show that the modern breeds had representatives over 100 years ago.

The picture at the top is from a 1920's era postcard, the one below of a 1870's era cabinet card. Here are some other samples...

The Library of Congress

Pictures of dogs who served in WWI

Plus here are more photos of the "old dogs"