a morphing gif - me in to a Welsh Collie

According to the New Yorker, "on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog". Maybe so, maybe so.

It seems rather strange to have a page about me on a web page about me and really, once you get past the dogs, what is there (other than a lot of mud on your clothes...)

However, a brief bio...

I live in Vermont. I work, by choice, the graveyard shift with children diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders. I am reclusive by nature. I live on enough land that no one can see what I do on my property and where I never have to see another human or their effect on the land. I am a Justice of the Peace, able to perform both weddings and civil unions (among other duties.) I use a Macintosh. I think Sweatman's in Holly Hill, SC has the best pig on the planet. My house is quite small, unfinished, and very dusty. I collect bowling balls.

graphic of line with dog

my cats

Fun at the Fair with Friends

The 458th Bomber Group in WWII
(my father flew with the 458th.)

My Family
(and they think I am the eccentric one....) (note:2 two great neices have joined the family since this photo was taken.) my MacQuarium

the dogs who are gone

Books, books, and more books

The Rescue ExprESs bus trip

(my MacQuarium) =========>