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Shady Grove - waiting patiently for her results

A mutation in the canine multidrug resistance gene, MDR1, is associated with drug sensitivities in dogs related, even distantly, to collies. English Shepherds can have this mutant gene. Those dogs who carry two copies of the mutant gene are at most risk but dogs who only carry one copy are still at risk. There is more information at the bottom of this page, after the list of currently tested dogs.

English Shepherds were part of a study of the MDR1 gene done at University of California at Davis. Many of the dogs on the this list were tested as part of the study that ultimatley delveoped the test for the MDR1 gene.

If you are uncertain of your dog's MDR1 status you really should get them tested. The test can be done at home, is not painful (to the dog), and the $70 fee could save you hundreds of dollars and untold hours of worry. Consult your veterinarian and order a test kit from

Please send your MDR1 testing results to for inclusion on this web page.

MDR1 Genotyping Results

Mutant / Mutant
dog's name Owner's name
Cimarron Tippy SunriseSylvia Hall
Elwell's AliCharles & Norma Elwell

Mutant / Normal
dog's name Owner's name
Irmas Leap Into InfinityJennifer Weigand
Brink's Molly JoMarcia King-Brink
Brink's Way To Me MuenchkinMarcia King-Brink
Kaminski's EllieJan Hilborn (NESR)
Kaminski's CalebSharon Kaminski
Kaminski's HopeSharon Kaminski
Dalby's CopperJan Hilborn (NESR)
Cody Kathi Tesarz
Murphy W. Brown Steffi Nenz
Cimarron Hello Mary LouElaine Reynolds
Susie QElaine Reynolds
Rose of CimarronElaine Reynolds
Cimarron Dalby MacClintockElaine Reynolds
Cimarron Sweetheart of the Rodeo ("Sweetie")Elaine Reynolds
Cimarron Durham ShepSam Durham
Sierra Smokey LadConnie Reep
Cimarron LoisLori Richardson
Cimarron Cat BallouSusanne Bramkamp
Cimarron Hey Good Lookin' ("Lookie")Linda Kapsa
Catch a Falling StarDebra Honaker-Piper
Cimarron Shelby Sweet LadyDavid & Nancy Houtkouper
Cimarron's MiloBen & Tina Houtkouper
Homestead Samantha DawnJan Greenberg
Homestead Casey GirlJan Greenberg
KonaJohn & Pat Evans
Egertsen`s CopperfieldPeg Egertsen
Cedar Creek Belle AirePeg Egertsen
Elwell's Tuff Travelin TaffyCharles & Norma Elwell
Wildwood's EllieSusan Hammer
Partlows's Bud IIJim & Darlene Partlow
Partlows's OdieJim & Darlene Partlow
Shepherd`s Way Toast Of The Town (Nyssa)Bev Johnson
Bailey Bu ThomasMichelle Breza
Shepherd's Way Keeva JoMarcia King-Brink
Shepherd's Way Saucy SueBarbara Miketta
Cimarron`s Cheeky GalileoBarbara Miketta
Belle Oaks OkiePaula Goff
Belle Oaks JoeyPaula Goff
Belle Oaks BenBenPaula Goff
Peaslee's HoneyMary Peaslee
Muysson's Wheeler of Shepherd's WayMary Peaslee
Apple Blossom's Levi of Shepherds Way (Levi)Beth Frakes
Corley’s Diamond LilBill & Gloria Corley

Normal / Normal
dog's name Owner's name
Stony Creeks Uptown Girl (Jazz)Bev Johnson
RobinKyt Eubanks
Foxhill's Caledonia Quinnjan hilborn
Caledonia Cadillacjan hilborn
Caledonia Bunkiejan hilborn
Floss Of CaledoniaSuzanne Stritzler
Vetaly's NESR JennaLaura Sanborn
Shepherd`s Way RikkiLaura Sanborn
Meyer's Toast Ghostjan hilborn
Caledonia Bonnie "B"Goodjan hilborn
Caledonia Billie Hollidayjan hilborn
Caledonia Ragged-but-rightjan hilborn
Caledonia ChicoStacy Bonk
Caledonia CassidySuzanne Stritzler
Caledonia MidasJena Johnston
Raven's Nixie Of Shepherds WayJennifer Weigand
A New Years Winter StormJennifer Weigand
Ghost Creeks Infinite WonderJennifer Weigand
Hippler's Mighty GoliathRuth Hippler
Star Spangled SpiritStacy Atkinson
'PR' Puthie's KatieRuth Hippler
Hippler's Flying RumorRuth Hippler
Hippler's Baby BearRuth Hippler
Hippler's Roaming GossipRuth Hippler
Hippler's FlameRuth Hippler
GatorRuth Hippler (puppy's breeder)
RubyRuth Hippler (puppy's breeder)
ThibideauxRuth Hippler (puppy's breeder)
OrlandoRuth Hippler (puppy's breeder)
TopekaRuth Hippler (puppy's breeder)
Arkwright Hills AmberNancy McVaugh
Arkwright Hill Trib To Diamond (Ruby)Nancy McVaugh
Arkwright Dersams MajorNancy McVaugh
Arkwright Wright's SnickersNancy McVaugh
Arkwright Ford's SheppyNancy McVaugh
Brink's Dutch BoyMarcia King-Brink
Caledonia Annie Lennoxjan hilborn
Brandon's FrickaCarl and Ann Brandon
Wingler's BelaRebecca Wingler
Wingler's BeccaRebecca Wingler
Wingler's DillonRebecca Wingler
Wingler's White Oak KiraRebecca Wingler
D.L.W. ShepDonald Westmoreland
Cristy's Talulah GirlMartha Cristy-Couch
Wilson's Cherokee Jana Wilson
The Belle Of StarlighthillDiane Barnard
Barnard's TuckerDiane Barnard
Starlighthill's ZeldaDiane Barnard
Cimarron Whiskey RiverMichele Collins
Carney's Lass KearyAmanda Mwakiluma
MistiquePauline Frank
Arkwright Hill's SadieCarolVerbeeck & Bruce Horttor
Shepherd's Way BuddyCarolVerbeeck & Bruce Horttor
Jade Judy Hase
Wilson's Fiona Mara CaraghPhyllis & Patrick Mason
Brezas PocahontessMichelle Breza
Shooter's Ricochet "Bailey"Kim Consol
Cimarron Sunrise "Skye"Kim Consol
Stoneycreek's SpencerElizabeth Smith-Fries
Foxhill Starlite Jazmine TaziaElizabeth Smith-Fries
Shepherd's Way MaceKris Hazelbaker
HowieJohn & Pat Evans
Snowy Rivers TangoJill Meseck
SolomonCarol Garren
Red Bank ShooterErin Hischke
Sugarcreek Do I feel LuckyErin Hischke
Red Bank Blonde Haired AngelErin Hischke
Cimarron RustlerElaine Reynolds
Cimarron Katie ElderElaine Reynolds
Cimarron Indigo SkyeJudy Bates
Cimarron StardustKathryn Yount
Kozar's MollyBen Kozar
Dunagan's AnnieKaye Dunagan
Reynolds' TravelerRon Reynolds
Cimarron Doc HolladayElaine Reynolds
Little Darlin' of CimarronBrandon Dykema
Cimarron Whiskey RiverMichele Collins
Cimarron Sigmon HarleyThe Sigmon's
Cimarron Martindale DukeThe Martindale's
MalachiAmy Curtis
Young's Jem Finch TurnerPam Kaye
Egertsen's Sasha MariePeg Egertsen
Hammer's Southern DeckerSusan Hammer
SadieDawn Luce
Stony Creek LucyMargaret Proctor
Lone Palmetto Jeb StuartStacy Atkinson
Lone Palmetto ZivaStacy Atkinson
Lone Palmetto HannahStacy Atkinson
Lone Palmetto SkylarStacy Atkinson
Lone Palmetto ZivaStacy Atkinson
Partlows's BusterJim & Darlene Partlow
Farm’s Pride Teddy BearKen Partlow
Partlows's JakeKen Partlow
Partlows's SpottyKeith Partlow
Caledonia HollyJim & Darlene Partlow
Shepherd's Way JetKristin Kimball
Chesney's Lilly Of The ValleySheryl Chesney
Chesney's Brandywine DannySheryl Chesney
Chesney's TrilliumSheryl Chesney
HappyCarolyn Christman
Thomas' Char-Gin Dersam BostonSandi Thomas
Earthangel's ChandlerJean Rawlings
Winged Elm GinnyCindy Tanner
Cimarron Indigo SkyeJudy Bates
Blacksheep's Finn McCoolJudy Bates
Goochland's Mad About You (Yuna)Shel Hazlett-Gooch
Goochland's Hubba Bubba (Bubba)Shel Hazlett-Gooch
Kaschak's StormieTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Cook-keeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Dust DeeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's QueeneeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Brandy TooTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Penns Hic CupTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Allegheny SmokeeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Blondee Rose TreeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Nik-keeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Scoo-beeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Penn-neeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Wild Rose Brown-neeTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's FrecklesTheresa & David Kaschak
Kaschak's Toot-seeTheresa & David Kaschak
Hopkins TinyTheresa & David Kaschak(breeder)
Cotes Men-DeeTheresa & David Kaschak(breeder)
Egglestons SarahTheresa & David Kaschak
Houlahan`s PipistrelleHeather Houlahan
Houlahan`s Brandywine MoeHeather Houlahan
Butler`s RosalynBarbara Butler
Snowy Rivers Sadie LadyConnie DeBusschere
Snowy Rivers Might IkeConnie DeBusschere
Snowy Rivers Little SydneyConnie DeBusschere
Porter Cyrus Jim (Dance)Connie DeBusschere
Snowy Rivers BessConnie DeBusschere
Belle Oaks WillowPaula Goff
Belle Oaks AlfalfaPaula Goff
May`s SophieConnie May
WinstonConnie May
Ross' Col. Barnaby RossCarol Ross
Ross` Betsy RossCarol Ross
Stonycreek`s Irish Wind Bonnie Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s Mulligan Murphy Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s Wee Bairn BobbiCarol Ross
Stonycreek`s Summer Luvin (Rizzo)Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s N Irish Gale BrookeCarol Ross
Stonycreek`s Irish Hurricane Ripley Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s Bubba IICarol Ross
Stonycreek`s Kiss Me Kate Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s Top Of The Morn` Shea Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s U Ring Me Irish Bella Carol Ross
Zbest Brie Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s Buster Carol Ross
Stonycreek`s BanditCarol Ross
Stein's Darling ClementineCathy Stein
AiryRuth Hippler
Brown`s Gyp At Farm`s Pride Barbara Brown
Farms Pride Sandra DeeBarbara Brown
Maple Grove Farm MontannaKaye Delk-Keziah
Maple Grove Farm AbelieneKaye Delk-Keziah
Maple Grove Farm RuffersKaye Delk-Keziah
FinlayDeb Walters
Chesney's BarX Curtis LoewSheryl Chesney
Shepherd Of The Flock`s Best Crazy LouBarbara Miketta
Shepherd Of The Flock`s B-jarkiBarbara Miketta
Peaslee's Penelope Ravenpaw (Raven)Mary Peaslee
John Day of Shepherd's Way (JD)Mary Peaslee
Shepherd's Way Rimrock Lone Firelight (Lucas)Mary Peaslee
MissyErin McKee
Eirinn's Ceilidh DancerErin McKee
Snowy River's Lucy HeineySue Heiney
Mattie Kathleen Luchtel
Corley's Jack O' HeartsBill & Gloria Corley
Sloan's Rip TaraBill & Gloria Corley
Stillwater English LaceChris Turcotte

Explanation of test results:
Current list of drugs that have been documented to cause problems:
The American Working Collie Association (AWCA) has a really good informational website about MDR1 issues here ( )

Also, this web page gives information about the MDR1 gene. Studies do not support the claim on this page that Interceptor is safer than heartgard, both should be safe even for dogs carrying two copies of the mutant gene. However, the rest of the information on this website is very valuable for anyone with a dog from the collie breeds.

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