Cally  in a Land Rover drawing of Border Collie
pups in a Land Rover Annie  in a Land Rover

Land Rovers


The only tools one
needs in life: WD-40 to make things go and Duct Tape to make them stop

I drive a 1967 Land Rover. It is my only vehicle. I drive it to work every day - about 80 miles round trip, back roads and interstate highway. It goes anywhere, every where, all the time. It is a great truck.

It is also slow. And loud. And leaky (both rain in and oil out). I could make a long list of why an old Land Rover is impractical, uneconomical, and just plain ill considered. There's no logic to an old Land Rover (and even less, as far as I'm concerned, to a new one...) but I still prefer my old truck to any other vehicle.

I drove it around the country in 1990 . I drove it during my four years as a social worker visiting farm families for an average of a thousand miles a week. People ask me how many miles it has on it and I can only guess at around 500k but everything has been rebuilt over the years so that's hardly "original" miles.

This is Witt, my truck; the best Land Rover in the world.

I buy all my parts from Rovers North and stay in touch with other Rover owners via the internet

The picture of the puppies in the back of a Land Rover is by Pollyanna Pickering. Her cards and other products are available online.